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“The world today lives online, so that’s where we have to evangelize.”

Random Thought 1: What is going on in our country? Why are we trying to erase history? You can take away statues, documents, and stories but history will still be the same. Forget the ideologies and politics involved in recent violence, I’m talking strictly from a historical viewpoint. There was a time when the citizens of this nation had to resolve two serious questions. These questions were not answered through regular legislative processes. The nation then resorted to a vicious, horrible, referendum on whether or not states could secede from the union (States Rights); the underlying issue being that of the legalization of slavery. It is unfortunate that it had to come to the worst civil war that any nation ever had. But remember that all those people were Americans. In some cases fathers fought against sons and brother against brother. Thousands lost their lives and a righteous conclusion was reached ending a split of the union and slavery.

        Now, 152 years after the fact, and much history passing in between, some people want to erase the memory of that part of our history. Will removing a statue of Robert E. Lee make you, or any of us, forget the Civil War or General Lee? How deep does this go. are we also going to eliminate “grits” and sweet potato pies and Negro Spirituals like Swing Low Sweet Chariot from our culture because they are somehow “racist.”

        To me, the whole idea is ridiculous. If these statues, or anything Confederate is so iconic for bigotry, why didn’t these groups bring down these symbols under President Obama’s administration, or even sooner. The timing is obviously political with no thought to the importance of history. We should learn from that momentous war and say to ourselves: “never again.” Recently, the Governor of California said he was going to secede California from the U.S. and Oregon said they would follow — really? Many people said, “good riddance.” I thought we settled that issue! “Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.”

        What is next, do we destroy all the memorials of the loyalists that fought in the Revolutionary War and block all British people from becoming citizens because they are loyal to the British Crown. Logical progression is absolutely ludicrous.

        Let us all pray that calmer minds and rational people will be heard and discussion can overcome emotion and violence.